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Data Protection

The personal data controller, namely, considers that the protection of the privacy of visitors and its registered users is fundamental and non-negotiable, which must be ensured in the exercise of its activity. is diligently dealing with research to better protect personal data in the processing of user information, based on the visit or use of the services of the website, its implementation and services by developing and implementing technological measures to prevent the use of personal data, with particular reference to privacy and personal identity.

The user is asked to read the terms of the privacy policy of our website, in order to be informed about the information collected by him, when he visits and when he makes use of his internet services, how they can be used and communicated, how this information is protected and what his rights are. With the visit to the website and the use of Internet services, the user gives us his consent to the collection and processing of his personal data, as detailed in this chapter of the Secrets Policy.

Collection of browser data

Information systems, procedures and computational techniques, which govern the functioning of our website and of our application during their operation, derive some personal data, and this "pumping" is automatically carried out by the access and function mechanisms and protocols used online.

In particular, whenever the user is connected to the website of and its application, whenever it calls or requests content, and whenever an action takes place, access data shall be stored in our web site systems in the form of a chart or linear data file.

This category includes data, such as IP addresses, computer domain names used by users, linked to the website and application, the methodology used to file the application on the server, the amount of transmitted data, the numerical code, indicating the condition of the server response and other parameters related to the user's operating system and environment.

These data can be used by, for the sole purpose of obtaining public limited statistical information on the use of the website and the application to identify pages where the user has a preference and therefore provide appropriate content with regard to their proper functioning.

In addition, the above data may be used to investigate liability in the event of unlawful conduct and the perpetration of criminal offences against the website and its implementation or at the expense of its users themselves, at the request of the competent supervisory authority itself.

Categories of users

In relation to the use of the site and its application, users are divided into two categories: Individuals and professionals in the events market, such as owners or managers of event spaces, dining venues, entertainment venues and other professionals and businesses in the relevant industry.

Individuals can in most cases have access to certain services anonymously (e.g. search for event space), and for other services, such as, but not limited to - the publication of listings, the automatic receiving of updates or the storage of favorite searches or listings, it is necessary to register before use. Professional users shall have access to the services reserved for them at all times after registration.

Data categories

The categories of data that can be processed are:

  • Use data, i.e. data collected from visitors and users of the website, including IP address, proxy, browser that uses, its issue, its operating system, its origin, the length of his visit, the pages he visited, and the information about time, frequency, and patterns of use of our services.
  • Account data, that is, the name, surname, telephone, and email that the user has submitted to us, but also the details of each company-client of with its subscription to subscription plans / services.
  • Profile data, i.e. the access elements that the user has chosen to identify and be able to enter his account.
  • Service data, i.e. data from the use of its website and services.
  • Public data, i.e. data published using the website or using the services of the website.
  • Support data, i.e. data that a user has sent to us to support a request or question in relation to the website and services of the website.
  • Message detail, i.e. data that the user provided, to be informed of new, newsletters, and related information that may be of interest to him.

Purpose of processing

The data collected via our website and its implementation shall be treated in all legal and appropriate manner and in accordance with the principles of proportionality, legality and frameworks set out in the relevant provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation 679/2016 (henceforth "the Regulation") and shall be strictly used to achieve the best possible provision of our services.

Except to the automatic collection of the browser data referred to in the previous paragraph, the user has the right to voluntarily provide personal data information collected from exclusively by filling a certain field of input (henceforth referred to as "Contact Form"), which is proposed in order to input data from users, to its website and to its implementation. The forms of communication are of a different type depending on the type of service which the user intends to use.

For professional users collects their personal data on its website and its application by means of a recording, management system for professional, direct contact and contract training.

In several applications and services of our website, the user has the possibility to transmit personal information (e.g. e-mail address, name, telephone number, postal code, and other personal data). Such data shall be sent voluntarily and explicitly and shall include any data necessary for the purpose of the requested service.

The personal data provided by the user will be recorded and stored in protected electronic means, and will be processed with the most appropriate security measures.

In particular, during the communication service with event spaces, dining venues, entertainment venues and other companies, as mentioned above, with individual users or other entities that publish event space listings (henceforth referred to as "Advertisers"), during the event space listings publication service (henceforth referred to as "Property Advertising"), the information of personal data collected for the purpose of fulfilling the requirements of those services must be communicated to advertisers, on their website and their application and may follow any subsequent processing of such information and personal data.

The sending of an e-mail to the addresses that may be available on the website and its application entails the acquisition of the personal details of the e-mail address by the sender. This e-mail address, together with other personal data collected, is necessary to respond to requests sent and to provide the specific services requested.

The data will be processed, in electronic form or in paper form, mainly through the use of automated and non-automated processes, and this processing should be carried out directly, either by the controller itself (, or by an external partner acting on behalf of the person responsible, or from a third party to the controller, in accordance with Rule 4 of the Rules of Procedure.

Appropriate security measures shall be provided to avoid unconventional or illegal use of data, access by unauthorized parties and data loss. No data shall be collected from the website and its application without the necessary consent in cases where they do not serve to provide a service.

Need for explicit consent

In the use of part of the services of our website, such as, but not limited to, communication, advertising, search promotion, personal data collected (e.g. name, contact information, and any other information published in the listing by the professional or the individual, which he himself publishes), can be divulged to third parties, such as the associates with whom the event space, and other companies that publish advertising for event spaces, which will become self-employed in this way to collect personal data from the user.

The above will be aware of the user's data in order to respond to its requests for information on the event space or event spaces selected by the latter.

In accordance with the provisions of the Rules of Procedure, but also in accordance with other provisions of national laws, as they do at any time with regard to the processing of personal data, the user will be asked specifically to give his specific and explicit consent to the processing and communication of such data by choosing a specific box marked "Accept".

Nature of data provision

The provision of data is optional, but in the event of a refusal to provide personal data necessary for the performance of the requested service, then it will not be possible to deal with it. Where they are not necessary, the controller will be able to process the applications and carry out the required services referred to in the above paragraph.

Methods of Processing

The data controller will process the data in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU 679/2016 and any national law that would apply, ensuring full compliance with those laws, but also to any relevant provisions (protection of personal data) to be agreed between the parties, i.e. the user and the controller by our website. The registration and processing of the data will be done on a document and computer, in accordance with the principle of proportionality and always in the light of the objectives mentioned above and, in any event, for the security and confidentiality of personal data. The data controller will process the personal data, either directly or in person, or by using the services of third persons acting as managers, internal or possibly external to its structure or as agents, in any case on behalf of the controller (

Under the current legal regime, and in particular in accordance with the provisions of the Rules of Procedure, a verification system is activated against unwanted correspondence in communications by responding to communications made available to users. Registered data can be verified for the sole purpose of detecting illegal activities or content that do not comply with the General Terms of Use of our website, but under no circumstances will they be processed or communicated to third parties for commercial or advertising purposes.

Data security

Data collected and processed should be protected by physical and reasonable methods in order to minimize the risks of unauthorized access, dissemination, loss and destruction of data, in accordance with the provisions in force. shall take all necessary technical and organizational measures for the safety and protection of the personal data of the user against accidental or non-destruction, loss, unauthorized modification, disclosure or access and any other unlawful processing of personal data it manages. However, despite the good faith and every possible effort from our website to store users' personal data in a secure operating environment, which is not open to the public, it is noted that there is no complete or perfect safety and cannot guarantee that there will be no unintended revelations of the user's personal data. The latter must immediately inform our website where his contact details have been lost, stolen or used without his permission. In such a case, we will remove the contact details with the user from his account and we will update our records accordingly. reserves the right to make, but not limited to, actions such as: (a) recording and storing all communications by the visiting user with the website, including e-mails and queries - answers to its employees, customers (e.g. individuals, owners or managers of event spaces, caterings etc.) or other persons, (b) to withdraw or require withdrawal of such communication, (c) withdrawal of photographs and generally disables from the user website (d) when they do not comply with the terms and terms of use of our website after their prior warning.

Communication and dissemination of data

The data provided by the user will be communicated and used exclusively by the data controller ( and by the companies designated as data controllers, i.e. processors or third parties authorized by the controller for processing personal data within the meaning of Article 4 of the Regulation. As indicated above, for certain services, data shall be communicated to companies cooperating or using the services of the controller (e.g. owners or managers of event space who are aware of all personal details of applicants for information about an event space, event planners), for the sole purpose of providing the services requested by the user.

In these cases companies operate independently and is not responsible for the processing of the data by them. Also is not responsible for content and compliance with the confidentiality regulation from websites which it does not manage.

Transfer of data abroad

Personal data collected via our website and our application can be carried out outside the Greek territory solely for the performance of the services requested by our website and under the terms of this political secrecy and the specific provisions of the Rules of Procedure.

Furthermore, does not in any way sell the user's personal data, whereas, when notifying third parties, in the framework of the above mentioned services, this is done solely to meet the objectives set out in this policy and the provision of its internet services.

Information about cookies, search engines and location data

Cookies are small pieces of text files stored in the user browser when visiting a website. The information stored on the user's computer may contain data such as the pages visited by the user, the date and time of the visit as well as a random and unique user identification number. In no case cookies shall contain any personal information or information which will enable anyone to contact the visitor of the website, by telephone, e-mail, etc. In addition, the use of cookies does not have access to your computer documents or files.

Using this, is able to store useful information on the use of the user in, as well as to read this information in order to provide the user with a consolidated browser experience.

In addition, cookies help us to see the performance and reversibility of our website, improving the presentation and content of our website, according to the preferences of our visitors. They are designed to accelerate the analysis of internet traffic, to facilitate user access to the services offered by the website and its application and to provide useful and relevant advertising to visitors. The use of cookies shall not be transmitted or acquired and user identification systems shall not be used. If the user does not want his information to be collected through this mechanism (use of cookies), the user may apply a simple procedure to the browser, which allows the cookies to be refused.

Information on the proposals for properties included on the website and the application will be visible in searches carried out in the internal search engine and will be available to third party search engines, as the website and implementation allow the addition to an index of its contents by third parties.

If the advertisement on advertising has already been removed from the website and application, it is likely that the stored copy will remain in the search results for a few days. The search results shall not be managed by the site and the application, but the user may report the removal of the page and request that the stored copy be informed directly to the search engine.

When using the website and the application with the active position detection function, the website and the application may collect and process information on the current user position. These data shall be processed anonymously, in a form that does not allow the user to be personally identified and used for the purpose of facilitating the use of certain site functions and implementation. Location services may be activated or disabled by the user at any time with access to the settings of your device.

In general there are the following categories of cookies used in our Web sites:

  • Necessary cookies

    Necessary cookies are essential for the proper functioning of our Web sites, they allow you to browse and use their functions, such as access to safe areas or use of the shopping cart. In addition, these cookies allow the Websites to remember the user's choices such as the selected language. These cookies don't recognize your personal identity. Without these cookies, we can't afford the proper functioning of our Web sites. These cookies are necessary and cannot be disabled. The cookie consent management tool itself and the hosting provider (Vercel) belong to this category.

  • Analytics cookies

    These cookies collect information on how visitors use our Web sites, for example, which pages visit more frequently and if they receive messages of error from websites. Google Analytics is used for statistical analysis purposes. These cookies collect aggregated, anonymous information that doesn't identify a visitor. They shall be used exclusively for statistical analysis purposes and to improve the performance of a website.

  • Marketing cookies

    These cookies are used to provide content, which fits most to you and your interests. Google Analytics and Meta Pixel are used for measuring the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. They may be used to send targeted advertising / offers, restrict advertising campaigns or measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. These cookies may be used to remember the websites that you have visited to determine which electronic marketing channels are more effective and allow us to reward external websites and associates that have promoted you to us.

How do you control cookies?

It is at your discretion to recall, whenever you want, your consent or oppose the use of cookies on your computer or your device, check and / or delete cookies.

What are your rights?

You have the rights:

  • Access to your data
  • Correct or Delete your data
  • Loss of your data
  • Restriction of the processing of your data
  • Opposition to the processing of your data
  • Make your consent for the use of some or all cookies and by extension for processing your data

In order to exercise your above rights, you may submit your request to the e-mail address and to submit, if you consider that processing of your personal data breaches the applicable law on the protection of personal data, a complaint to the Personal Data Protection Authority (street address Kifisias 1-3, postal code 115 23, Athens, tel. 210 6475600, e-mail address

This Cookies policy may be amended at any time. That is why we think it is appropriate to bring it up regularly in this policy. This entry into force on 15 / 04 / 2022 If it is amended, the date which it took place will be indicated. It is always considered the Cookies Policy, as developed by the most recent amendment.

Duration of processing

The processing of the data will not last longer than it is necessary to fulfil the purpose of the collection, i.e. the storage of search criteria, notification, publication of notices and contact with professionals meeting the user criteria.

The processing will last until the party concerned decides to cancel the data entered, in contact with the data controller.

It will also be possible for as long as the retention of personal data becomes necessary in compliance with a legitimate obligation or to defend legitimate interests before the court.

User rights

The legislation on the protection of personal data gives the user concerned the exercise of specific rights. In particular, the user has the right to obtain confirmation of the existence or not of personal data, even if it has not yet been registered and that such data are available in an intelligible form.

It may also ask to be aware of the origin of the data, the identity and contact details of the controller, the processors simply processing and others on behalf of the controller, the processing purposes for which his personal data are intended, the recipients or categories of recipients of his data and the time of storage of the data and other matters referred to in Article 13 of the Rules of Procedure.

It may also request the deletion of their data, their correction, limitation of treatment, information on the precedents, the receipt of such data in a structured, commonly used and readable data type or the exclusion of data processed in breach of the law, to oppose the processing and automated decision-making.

Do you have questions?

If you have any questions about this policy or more generally regarding the activities of, you can contact us at the e-mail address or to postal address: Leoforos Karamanli 97, postal code 13679, or by calling +30 211 7505617. The website / platform belongs and is the property of the company Grestial Network P.C.